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     Our story began in Oahu in 2012 when Chef John Adams, met John and Misheal Lemkey, while they were vacationing on Oahu.  John was hired as their private chef and the friendship and admiration was instant.  Then Chef John met Michelle Hastings.  Since Kauai was a favorite getaway destination for all four souls and a small island in need of good breakfast, we teamed up together and opened our charming restaurant in Poipu in 2015 with a vision to bring a new dimension to breakfast in the area and elevate traditional eggs and bacon.


     Anuenue Café opening was an entrepreneurs dream come true and a product of a strong ownership team. ​John has been working in kitchens since he was 15, growing up in San Clemente, surfing and cooking, then spent 18 years in Vail honing his chef skills, then made the move to Oahu to continue to surf and start his Private Chef North Shore business.  Michelle is an economics teacher by trade, and joined the restaurant business to bring better breakfast to Kauai.  John & Misheal live and work in San Diego with their three beautiful children.  Beginning in 2020, Michelle Hastings is starting a new adventure, and John Adams along with the Lemkey's will be the owners of Anuenue Café.

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