Our Story

Anuenue Café

Breakfast 6am-12:30pm everyday
Dinner on the weekends 5-8:30pm

John and Michelle are a husband and wife team working together in Poipu to create an unforgettable dining experience.  John is the Chef, having worked in kitchens since the age of 15 in San Clemente, California, honing his skills in Vail, Colorado for 18 years, and then moving to Oahu to start his Private Chef North Shore business.  Michelle is an economics teacher by trade, turned real-life entrepreneur when she met John in Oahu.  Our daughter Kendall, currently attending college in Santa Barbara, working to pursue her dream as a professional photographer and visual artist.  You can check out her work on the walls of the Cafe, and also at kendallleuephotograhpy.com

Anuenue Cafe, named after one of our favorite surf breaks on Oahu "rainbows" has become a local favorite and tourist destination for those in search of a unique dining experience and some fresh, local flavor. In each and every dish, we pay homage to the passion of the flavors of Kauai and our love of good food.  

Serving both breakfast and the occasional dinner, we offer unique menu items cooked to order with aloha.